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Welcome to the website of Columbians for Academic Freedom, a student group dedicated to academic freedom for all at Columbia University. During the 2004-5 academic year, this website provided running commentary from the student perspective about the controversy surrounding professorial abuse of power to silence Zionist voices in the academic setting.

Since we brought the issue to the public eye, Columbia has implemented a number of policies to prevent such abuse from reoccurring in the future, including new grievance policy and a council for student affairs CAF, however, remains ready to help any students who feel that the University has either been unable or unwilling to hear of their experiences. If you are a student who has experienced academic abuse of any kind, please email us with a description of the event and we will do our best to help you as confidentially as you feel is necessary. Otherwise, feel free to search our achives.

Columbians for Academic Freedom Returns to the Public Debate

March 23, 2005: Following a number of developments, including the use of our media silence to delay the publication of the report by the Ad Hoc committee on the abuse experienced by students at Columbia--and the use of our media silence by some to claim that we as students were dropping out of this fight--we have decided to return to the public debate.